Freedom Cleaning Solutions was built from scratch right here in Lincoln with the goal of offering a better choice for a local cleaning service. We started out small, offering only residential cleaning. We soon realized that a service like ours was in high demand so we expanded into commercial business services. We work with a lot of property owners and property managers for move-out services, pre-sales cleaning, and maintenance cleaning.
We strive to provide the greatest customer satisfaction every day. Our staff is our most valuable asset, as they are entrusted with your home or business. You can put your trust in us!



Andy is a Nebraska native with a degree from the University of Nebraska and Master’s Degree from Doane University. Andy’s favorite job is the job of Dad. With six kids, he is always on the go! To say that Andy enjoys sports would be…. Well…. An extreme understatement! There is no off-season for this sports lover. His second favorite team to watch is the Nebraska Cornhuskers, of course. So what is his most favorite? According to Andy, his favorite sports team is “whatever team my kid is on!" Andy worked in the financial sector for a large part of his life, but he always knew he wanted to create something. He wanted to pour himself into a company he could nurture, develop and ultimately be very proud of. That is where Freedom Cleaning Solutions started.


Holly is also a Nebraska native, growing up just outside of Lincoln and spending her whole life in the area. She has six kids as well, which has taught numerous life lessons, like multi-tasking and stress management! Holly earned a Bachelor’s degree from Doane University and spent several years in the Insurance industry as well as some experience in the Real Estate sector. She joined Andy with Freedom Cleaning Solutions in 2016.

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